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Client Testimonial

"We have used 3D Cities for some time now and they have provided nothing but excellent service. Their turn around time is better than any other company we have used and their quality is excellent

We would recommend them to anyone without hesitation as a very reliable company providing superb service"

- CEO of Essex (UK) based Multidisciplinary design firm.

At this moment 3Dcities INDIA is doing a fine job in the mechanical field for me by making a 3-D drawing of a stair tower for a crane. My contact is with your Mechanical Project Manager, and he is doing a great job with very good communication.

I have started my company just a couple of months ago. The economy in the Netherlands is now growing; there is more and more a demand for CAD Services. It would be nice to know if your company wants to have some kind of long term partnership with me to have several people working in a design and drafting department.

- CEO of Rotterdam (Netherlands) based Mechanical design firm. Currently have an offshore office in 3Dcities INDIA

I've looked at the 3DCities Drawings and its very good.

• Scaling, checked on one dimension only, has a 1% error which is much less than expected
results are acceptable and lets hope they can keep it up.
When I was working for last company, they used a draughting company from outside India and their drawings were truly awful. Valuable time was spent putting them right which nullified any cost saving.

- Sr. Designer of London (UK) based Building services design firm.

Thank you for all your hard work, the 3D model worked well in the animation and we will definitely use your company again. I thought you very professional to deal with and very helpful when we had to change bits of the model.

Keep up the good work.

- Sr. 3D Animation Project Manager of London (UK) based Building services design firm.

Your first output looked very nice; we like your touch on it, we are going to send you more surveys for a long term basis.

- Project Manager of Illinois (US) based Engineering design firm

These are the few Testimonial of our long term clients since 1999, please contact us to verify the above or to ask for further Client References close to your location

"Our strength is our clients satisfaction"